.:. Eclectic Arts Entertainment SARL was founded in 2005. We are based in Paris , the economical centre of the growing European Economic Community . We acquired and developed several skills into production and consulting for art products as well as an international network that extends to all Europeans countries, with a special focus on Western Europe (France, Italy, Germany and Spain), Asia (Japan, South Korea and Taiwan) and USA. We recently started developing new partnerships in Russia . Our goal: to be an international partner for all those independent companies that are the main actors of the success of independent arts and cinema.

.:. Developing this “weltanschauung” we can handle different services and products: from the creation to the building of any artistically product including film financing and co-production, music production, web promotion and marketing content development. We have a various range of products and services. We can always provide the best solution to your need. Our passion is art, our field is creation. If you have an idea we will help you to make it real. In this way, we started in the middle nineties to acquire and develop a solid experience of international markets and stable relationships with our partners. We attended all the major art markets for arts and cinema including Cannes M.I.F., Berlin E.F.M., F.I.A.C., M.I.D.E.M., W.M.C., C.F.A., F.F.M., F.N.C., T.I.F.F. and many more.

.:. If you feel that our profile and skills can correspond to what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us to receive a full portfolio of our recent works.

pronunciation: e-’klek-tik, i- | Function: adjective | Etymology: Greek eklektikos, from eklegein to select, from ex- out + legein to gather | 1 : selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles | 2 : composed of elements drawn from various sources.